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       As a working musician, I believe the most important asset is versatility. And the only way to get there is by diversifying your performance portfolio. Over the past 10 years, I set out to work in as many settings as I can, from wineries to dive bars, from musical theatre to cover bands, from luxury cruise lines, to a street corner near you. All of these settings require different skill sets that interact with, and edify, each other.
     I specialize in playing instrumental solo fingerstyle guitar, which spans multiple genres, from jazz to classical, latin to rock. Basically any music that can be made, incorporating all its elements on one instrument (melody, harmony, bass, and rhythm), constitutes the solo guitar genre. Chet Atkins was a solo guitarist. Michael Hedges was a solo guitarist. Andres Segovia was a solo guitarist. This genre, although seemingly niche, is a great product to add to any semi-casual or intimate event - think background music at a restaurant or winery.
     Over the past seven years, I honed my skills as a showband guitarist for various musical theatre companies and cruise lines. This involves a completely different skillset, playing primarily electric guitar, and transforming dots on a musical chart into real music. It's one thing to sight-read, but it's a whole other thing to sight-play.
     If you are interested in booking me for your event, whether it's a wedding ceremony or reception, whether it's a formal gala or casual get-together, drop me a line either via my email or telephone number above. I have a full CV of my performance experience, accumulating over 5,000 hours of paid performance time.
     It is my goal to always be the "added touch" to anyone's project or event. I hope that we can work together sometime to make a memorable experience for you and your guests.
Andrew Gorny

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